Collingwood PLU/PP/350 1-9 LED Driver 350mA 1w-9w With Plug & Play Cable

£26.89 £42.01

350mA LED driver designed for series wiring, runs between 1w-9w of 350mA LED. Comes with pre-attached LED Lyte 1m Ext plug and play cable for easy wiring to Collingwood's plug and play products

  • Direct constant current LED driver
  • SELV
  • Mains loop in/out of terminals
  • Input: 195-265v AC
  • Output: 350mA
  • Protected against: Mains surge, short circuit, over-load & over-heating
  • Use with LED LYTE range, LL030A, LL090A, and DL downlight range
Width: 48mm
Length: 111mm
Height: 28mm

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