Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps, Floor Standing, Arc Lamps

From classic floor lamps with shades to retro arc floor lamps and modern sleek designs there are hundreds of lamps to suit any style of room. Many finishes are available including polished chrome, polished brass, antique brass, satin chrome, black chrome, copper and others.

Many lamps come included with either fabric or glass shades, in classic colours such as white, cream and black to more unusual colours like purple and green.

Scandinavian designs are available from Danalight and Nordlux, including many retro arc floor lamps from Danalight. Classic styles are available from Dar, Searchlight and Endon Lighting.

Most floor lamps can now be used with LED lamps for low energy consumption and long life use, some floor standing lamps come included with integral LEDs while others lamps can be used with retrofit LED lightbulbs, candles and golfballs which can be changed like a regular lightbulb