Collingwood GL016 F Mid-Size Ground, Wall And Shower Light

£57.67 £90.11

The GL016 F comes with a 7 Year Guarantee

This exclusive, robust yet attractive, mid-sized (60mm) LED light is ideal for path, lobby and deck lighting. Inexpensive to run and with up to 100,000 hours of LED life, ensure a maintenance free product and makes the GL016 great value for money. With cool glass for added safety.
The GL016 can even be installed into the inside of a bath.

Available in Neutral White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Amber or Green colour LED

Must be used with power supply, sold separately. Use this fitting with power supply:
PLD UNI-Drive 350mA (Dimming): upto 10 fittings
PLU/350 1-9: upto 9 fittings
PLR/350 1-5: upto 5 fitting
PLS/350 1: 1 fitting
PLS/350 2-3: Between 2-3 fittings
PL/IP/350 1: 1 fitting
PL/IP/350 2-3: Between 2-3 fittings
PLU/IP/350 1-9: Upto 9 fittings
PLU/IP/350 3-12: Between 3-12 fittings

Suitable for bathrooms installations using PLR 350 1-5, PLS 350 2-3, PL/IP/350 1, PL/IP/350 2-3, PLU/IP/350 1-9, and PLU/IP/350 3-12.

  • IP Rating: IP68 9m water
  • Output: 1 watt @ 350mA
  • Input: Requires 350mA driver
  • Wiring: Series
  • Beam angle: Flood
  • Cutout size: 50mm
  • Material: Marine grade(316) stainless steel
  • Glass: Walk over
  • Cable: 3m H05RN-F rubber cable

Face Width: 60mm
Fitting Length: 39mm (+ 3M cable)
Cutout: 50mm

Warranty Form (must be completed to receive warranty)

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