Collingwood BOL LED 1 Iroko Wood Bollard

£250.96 £392.12

A classic 1M wooden bollard with a modern twist. BOL LED 1 features quality Iroko wood that requires neither treatment or varnish. It contains a high power Luxeon LED, and due to the cleverly designed cut angles, looks fantastic when approaching from any direction. A tasteful addition to paths and driveways.

Metal stand bracket for hard surfaces available.

Must be used with power supply, sold separately. Use this fitting with power supply:

  • PLD/UNI-Drive 350 (Dimming): upto 10 fittings
  • PLU/350 1-9: upto 9 fittings
  • PLR/350 1-5: upto 5 fitting
  • PLS/350 1: 1 fitting
  • PLS/350 2-3: Between 2-3 fittings
  • PL/IP/350 1: 1 fitting
  • PL/IP/350 2-3: Between 2-3 fittings

Available in Neutral White & Warm White colour LED

  • IP rating: IP65
  • LED Output: 1watt
  • Angle: 45°
  • Heat: 30° C
  • Material: Wood (Iroko Wood)
  • 1.8M HO5-RN-F cable attached
  • Use with chain or rope to edge path (not supplied)
  • Available in Oak and other woods to special order
  • Width: 95mm x 95mm
  • Height: 1000mm (200mm recessed into ground, 800mm above surface)

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