Collingwood DL130 Neutral White & Warm White 1W LED Tilt Square Downlight

£36.95 £57.73

Style, function, elegance. This new LED square down light, the DL130NW abd DL130WW combines all three. The latest LED technology means this range can be used as part of a scheme as task lighting and/or decorative lighting. Made to the highest specification, using top grade materials, this range is a must for contemporary rooms and corridors.  Plug and play wiring ensures quick and easy installation. Maintenance free.


Must be used with power supply, sold separately. Use this fitting with power supply:

PLD UNI-Drive 350mA (Dimming): upto 10 fittings

PLU/350 1-9: upto 9 fittings

PLR/350 1-5: upto 5 fitting

PLS/350 1: 1 fitting

PLS/350 2-3: Between 2-3 fittings

PLU/IP/350 1-9: Upto 9 fittings

PLU/IP/350 3-12: Between 3-12 fittings


•IP rating: IP20 (Not to be used outside or in Bathroom)  

•LED Output: 1watt

•Angle: 15°

•Heat: 35° C

•Cutout: 53mm

•Plug And Play, easy install


Face Width: 51.5mm

Fitting Length:  17mm (excludes head)

Cutout: 44mm

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