Collingwood Halers Range DM 298 GRID Mains LED Dimmer For Dimmable LED Downlights

£27.95 £47.40

500W LEADING EDGE mains dimmer designed for flicker-free dimming with Collingwood Halers ranges H2 Pro, H4 FF, H4 Eyeball, and H5 500. The minimum brightness can be adjusted with 0-100% flicker free dimming when used with Collingwood mains dimmable products

  • Max Load: 90w
  • Min Wattage: 25w
  • Suitable for use with most dimmable low energy compact fluorescent and LED lamps
  • DM 298 GRID is a reliable, fully functional leading edge dimmer, and has been fully tested with Collingwood's products
  • Compatible with 8 dimmer manufacturer's grid plates; Delta | GET | BG | Wandsworth | MK Logic | Hamilton | MEM | Crabtree



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