Collingwood LED5050 Self Adhesive Flexible 14.4w LED Strip 2700k Extra Warm White

£23.04 £36.00

The LED5050 comes with a 3 year warranty

The LED5050 lets your creative side run free. This flexible, self-adhesive strip fits inside and around just about any shape you can think of. Use it to bring a glow of illuminated magic to any commercial or domestic situation. This 14.4W strip has an LED every 20mm to give the visual effect of continuous light, and a cut point every 100mm for complete design flexibility

Extra Warm White LED colour (2700k)

Use with following power supply drivers:

Model Number Input/Output Max. Length
PS5024 230-240V AC / 24v DC 3m (dimmable with PDCINT1-10V)
PS10024 230-240V AC / 24v DC 6m (dimmable with PDCINT1-10V)
PS24024 230-240V AC / 24v DC 16m (dimmable with PDCINT1-10V)
  • LED Input: 24vdc
  • LED Output: 14.4watt per metre
  • 250mm cable fly leads attached
  • Cut points: 100mm
  • Wiring: Parallel
  • Backing: Foil backed for heat dissipation
  • 887 lumens per metre
  • Warranty: 3yrs
  • Specification Sheet

Product Codes:

LS527001, LS527002, LS527003, LS527004, LS527005, LS527006, LS527007, LS527008, LS527009, LS527010, LS527011, LS527012, LS527013, LS527014, LS527015, LS527016, LS527017, LS527018, LS527019, LS527020, LS527021, LS527022, LS527023, LS527024, LS527025, LS527026, LS527027, LS527028, LS527029, LS527030, LS527031, LS527032, LS527033, LS527034, LS527035, LS527036, LS527037, LS527038, LS527039, LS527040, LS527041, LS527042, LS527043, LS527044, LS527045, LS527046, LS527047, LS527048, LS527049, LS527050 

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