Collingwood STARSTRIP RGB Colour Changing IP65 LED Strip In 4 Sizes

£43.69 £67.21

The Collingwood Lighting STARSTRIP RGB LED range is ideal for theatre lighting, auditorium walkways, stairway accent lighting, ceiling cornices and wall washing and even areas such as the bathroom or garden due to the LED strip being IP65 waterproof
The STARSTRIP RGB is available in 4 sizes; 32cm (1ft) 3w, 62cm (2ft) 6w, 92cm (3ft) 9w, 122cm (4ft) 12w. Surface mounted for easy install, comes with a 110° beam for wide area illumination
The STARSTRIP RGB must be used with either RGBox 24V 55W or IR-3 Remote Controller (using PDC/20/24, PDC/100/24, PDC/200/24 drivers)
Product Starstrip/32 RGB Starstrip/62 RGB Starstrip/92 RGB Starstrip/122 RGB
Max Units Per Driver 16 8 5 4
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Output starship/32: 3w
  • Output starship/62: 6w
  • Output starship/92: 9w
  • Output starship/122: 12w
  • Beam angle: 110°
  • Wiring: Parallel
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Comes with plug sockets either end for easy connection (must be cut off and UY2 connectors used to make IP65)
  • Cable extensions available (STARSTRIP 1m EXT)
  • Comes included with metal brackets

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